Friday, August 7, 2009

Combi Urban Walker

Ok, finally I've found 'the' Reversible Stroller dengan jayanya.*phew* And it's the Combi Urban Walker. And surprisingly, the wheels on this Combi tak lah kecik sangat. Selalunya tayar stroller Combi kan ala-ala halus je, tak sepadan dengan body. Eheheh.

And the Graco Citilite-R tu terpaksa dilupakan sebab lepas try letak baby hari tu, macam dah ngam-ngam je. Ni baru 7 months old, by the time he's 1 year...confirm 'penuh' stroller tu!!

For this Combi, size wise just nice. The seat is long and wide and can recline fully. It has higher handles plus REVERSIBLE (yang ni harus ada)!! One touch folding and opening (sangat sangat senang kerja!) and finally, it's not so heavy only 6.2kg. And oh ya...color pun quite striking, ORANGE (but they have Blue and Pink also don't worry)! Weekend ni, harus ajak 'Finance Minister' pergi membelinya!

Till then, Adios..


jane_doe3328 said...

How much this one?

Real Woman said...


Shopaholic Mama said...

Kita Home Minister haruslah ajak Finance Minister sekali for such things, so he can approve the budget on the spot!

Tapi kalau bab nak beli bag, better Finance Minister duk diam2 kat his office..

Real Woman said...

SM : hahahah true..tapi kalau handbags yg perlu dibayar oleh finance minister harus heret dia sekali!! heheheh

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