Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ketinggalan zaman betul!!!

Di zaman serba mencabar dan sungguh 'hi-tech' ni, kalau kita tak cepat, pasti ketinggalan. Baru saja nak 'master' Facebook, sekarang datang lah pulak Twitter...dan belum pun sempat nak ambil tahu pasal Photoscape, hari ni seorang teman memberitahu pula pasal Photofunia. Katanya, Photofunia ni dah lama dah....Sedihnya mendengar! Betapa sungguh ketinggalannya saya! Agaknya, ntah apa-apa lagi applications, softwares dan programs di luar sana yang saya tak tahu! Ish...ish..ish..So, bila balik rumah terus buka internet dan mencuba keseronokan Photofunia. Inilah hasilnya!...hehehe...Thanks Nurul!

(ABOVE) Arisha jadi coin!

Hakim masuk salah magazine!

(ABOVE) Zarif as a wall poster!

Daddy hampir menjadi mangsa Transformers! :)

Mak pun menyibuk nak try effect kat diri sendiri jugak!

Jadi kepada sesiapa yang nak mencuba pelbagai macam effects tu bolehlah ke Have fun!!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hehhehe...cute nyer zarifffffff!!!
last week i managed to snap picture of zarif smiling...cute bangat ok...ade dlm camera u...hhehehe

n owh, its ok darl...mak long pon byk ketinggalan to the extend malas nak follow dah...hehehe...
n that twitter just subscribe becoz nk follow kimora n kim kardashian je heheheh ;D

Real Woman said...

verde : u know what i've registered with Twitter but still dont know what to do with it! boleh? hehehe

syahadah said...

saya pun dah rigester dlm twitter tp mmg tak reti guna lansung!!

Real Woman said...

syahadah : hehe boleh geng la kita!

Cath J said...

Best yer main photofunia ni...hehehe...betul cakap you...byk nye bende2 baru...aku baru cuba satu...dah ada yg lain pulak...duh!!

Real Woman said...

Cath J : yea bah kadang2 rasa mau give-up kan!

Along said... site, nak cuba jugak la..

Real Woman said...

Along : hehehe try jgn tak try! mmg cool!!

SOHO Mama said...

I pun sama mcm yg lain, register twitter tapi belum mendalaminya lagi :)
Hari tu I dah baca dah ni..pastu I dah try la photofunia's cool! Thanks for the info! I pun tak tahu..hee hee..

Real Woman said...

soho mama : hehehe u know what, my friend yg ajar Photofunia tu kata ada apps yg better than Photofunia. Dia kata nanti dia ajar and at the moment enjoy la dulu photofunia ni! :)

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