Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday 'The Judge'!

Hakim a.k.a "the JUDGE" is 5 today. Cepat je masa berlalu... Anyway, promised him to do a small party at school dan dengan semangat waja dan penuh tekad nan berkobar-kobar maka tercetuslah idea untuk membuat cupcakes. Nak surprisekan birthday boy! Kan senang budak-budak tu nanti nak makan, tak payah nak potong-potong kek i thought!

The actual Birthday Cake....

But bila cupcakes dah siap, birthday boy pulak yang bagi surprise! Dia kata dia tak nak cupcakes and wants one big cake yang ada gambar kartun! Ishhh..nak kena sebat ni! But anything to make him happy! Kena la pergi cari 'last minute' cake kat bakeri. Nasib baik ada gambar Ben 10! Tiba-tiba i terfikir, we as parents will do all we can to make our kids happy kan?...but will they be able to do the same back to us bila kita dah tua nanti?

....and this is what he wants! Hmm...

...and with 'that' cake, he's one happy boy!

As the saying goes, seorang ibu boleh menjaga 10 orang anak, tapi 10 orang anak tu belum pasti dapat menjaga seorang ibu tu! Sedih bila melihat Rumah Orang-orang Tua kian hari kian ramai penghuninya. Ada yang menghantar ibubapa mereka ke situ dan terus tak ambil tahu lagi. Pasti sayu hati ibubapa apabila mengenang kembali betapa kasihnya mereka menjaga anak-anak bagai menatang minyak yang penuh sewaktu masih kecil dan begini rupanya nasib mereka bila tua!

Memang betul anak-anak ibarat sehelai kain putih, kitalah yang mewarnakannya dengan warna yang kita mahu. Till then, Adios..


SOHO Mama said...

Yes, true..kita ni terkejar sana sini nak penuhkan request anak2..tapi they all sanggup ke mcm ni bila dh besar nanti..?

Which is why I try to accommodate my parents' requests, if any, at the best that I can. Sometimes tak sempat jugak sebab kita kan ada keluarga sendiri..rasa bersalah jugak..

Real Woman said...

soho mama: you're rite we should try our est to fulfill our parents wishes. Hug and kiss them while we still can, that's the most important.

Ms Lime said...

Love them, but don't spoil them. I grew up with the cane and I think I never grudge my parents for it. I love my parents a lot and they mean the whole world to me. Despite the caning and scolding, I know they love me more than life itself. I still feel like a spoilt princess everytime I head back home to see them. Well, happy birthday to your handsome prince. His cute. =)

Real Woman said...

ms lime : so very true! i grew up the same way as you. lots of scolding and caning but hey..that has made me who i am today. i know they did that to make us a better person. im a very conservative parent too but i think that's how kids these days should be treated. they cant be given too much freedom.

Lovely Mommy... said...

anak u kelakar la... i guess Diya wil be like dat also one day la lagi pulak im fulltime mommy sure lagi banyak kerenah... im trying my best not to spoil her much especially with material things and still learning to become a parent..

ps: ur cupcakes r soooo CUTE!!! i loike da colours :p

Real Woman said...

lovely mommy : thanks sue but i think i syok sendiri la bila buat cuppies tu. i think the colors are too pastel for a boy kan? hmm.. patut la dia taknak.hehehe

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