Thursday, June 18, 2009

If you earn RM1.2 million a week....

....for the next couple of years! Rasanya I wouldn't wait for that long. Kerja sebulan dah cukup. Lepas tu duduk rumah jaga anak! Hehehe.

But sadly, it's the life of Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro I'm talking about here! And in case some of you might not know, he's the ex-Manchester United player whos transfer to Real Madrid break a record deal of 94 million Euro!! And that's 13 million Euro a year!!!..and that's just for KICKING A BALL!!!!!

And some people are just so lucky...with that GOOD LOOK at a very young age (he's only 24!)plus his FORTUNE (duit as spokesperson to several sponsors tak kira lagi)...siapa agaknya bakal Mrs Ronaldo? Could it be Paris Hilton yang tengah kena gossip dengan dia sekarang? Apapun, with that kind of money no wonder he can afford leaving his Ferrari by the road side just like that bila rosak hari tu! about having 'extra' cash! Till then, Adios..

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