Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Shades Still Rules!

How long will the Big Shades trend last? I hope it will stay on forever for I am a big fan of one. I prefer it to be as BIG as possible (hehehe) and flat front, not the curvy, kinda sporty ones. I hate sunglasses that can touch my cheek. I noticed that Victoria Beckham's shades are all flat ones..and BIG! Sort of her trademark, though she's on the petite side but still the shades looks extra chic on her. Well, almost everything looks absolutely gorgeous on her! So don't be afraid to try on Big shades as it will definitely suits all face shapes and sizes.

For this season, i would say the Prada Butterfly Sunglasses stands out from the rest. It comes in 3 colors if i'm not mistaken. Black, White and Tortoise Shell. Big shades are not just fashionable but it helps to protect your eyes from UV rays, plus if you're so so lazy to apply mascara for the day, just put on your 'biggy' and walla...instant glamour for yourself! Well tell me, who doesn't look good behind a big shades anyway??

So, let's just hope that the Big Shades are here to stay on and not just mere trends. Let's all say NO to small frames (and Aviator too!). hehe Sorry Aviator fans...but it's just so not feminine! Till then, Adios...

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