Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Best Diapers!

Ola! Today I'm going to confirmed that the best ever diapers to be used on your babies and toddlers is.... MamyPoko!! Much to be debated but i have tried and tested almost all brands available in the market. From PAMPERS to HUGGIES to some less popular ones like Sealers, Pureen and Babysoft but still MAMYPOKO rules!

U can actually use just one diaper for the whole night without even have to change it half way thru. But price wise it is a bit pricey compared to others. But Carrefour and Tesco do sometimes run promotions where u can grab a large pack for about RM43 (actual price around RM56 i think). So to those on a budget, i would suggest an economical diapers such as Drypers or Huggies for the day and MamyPoko for night! How about that?

OK why i say Pampers is not that good is because the front part is quite short. And for boys, it's not so practical plus i think it's quite thin. Huggies is ok but not for long use. Still i think the layer is quite thin. That's why i still think the best diaper is still MamyPoko! it seems like the diaper can handle endless amount of liquid! hehehe. And wait till you mention their diaper pants which is even even much better and tops the rest!So if you're still searching for the best diapers in town..look no further alright. Till then..Adios!!

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