Monday, May 25, 2009


Ohayo people! I came across Malaysia Airlines Low Fares promotion (again!) this morning in Utusan Malaysia and was quite happy to see a one-way fare to New York for RM1888 all inclusive. Pretty cheap eh? Means a return ticket will cost no more than RM4k! But travelling period up to November 2009 only. Hmm.. The best thing is, they highlighted a single London all-in fare for only RM888! And this get me thinking..are they feeling threathened by Air Asia?? For a single journey to London on Air Asia you can purchase your ticket for as low as RM499! But if you're looking for comfort, then I would definitely suggest MAS...or even Singapore Air. Sometimes SIA do run offers to their destinations and it's quite a bargain. Itu belum Air Asia buat flights to LA or New York! Tapi bagus jugak la kan... we the customers yang untung in the end!

Sebenarnya, kita ada banyak pilihan penerbangan sekarang ni. From Emirates, SIA, Qatar Air or even Gulf Air semuanya boleh dikategorikan dalam first class airlines. So i guess MAS tak boleh nak letak harga yang melampau sangat takut nanti flight kosong! Yang hairannya, lebih baik jual harga tiket murah sikit and biar flight penuh rather than jual tiket mahal, flight tak penuh but u still have to fly to the destination! And one more thing MAS...i really do not understand your Economy+ promo. Kononnya beli tiket ekonomi tapi boleh fly on Business Class. But harga tiket Economy+ tu kurang RM2k dari harga tiket Business Class!! What on earth are you trying to do?

So the conclusion here, MAS you guys have to lower down your ticket pricing in order to compete with other airlines. People now are more budget concious. I've seen people with money still fly with AirAsia, reason being...'setakat 2-3 jam flight bayar less than RM200 berbaloi sangat. Then boleh duduk hotels yang best sikit'. But for long haul flights, entahlah...ada juga dengar komplen yang tempat duduk sempit la, food tak sedap lah. Well nama pun Budget Airline. Siapa yang sanggup menempuh perjalanan 12jam dalam keadaan macam tu, well go ahead. Duit extra boleh guna untuk shopping kan? hehehe.

So to me...shorter distance travelling.. go for Air Asia. Longer distance (more than 10 hours)..go for MAS or SIA or seangkatan dengannya. Till then...Adios!

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