Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hmm... I would say a woman will never have enough bags! Same goes with men who seems to have endless collections of golf 'sticks'. Everytime keluar latest design mesti nak beli, kononnya boleh hit lagi jauh bla bla bla. (Sorry bei! hehehe)

But to me, segila i dengan handbags pun takde lah sampai every season mesti nak kena beli each designers new release. Pengsan macam tu. To me seasonal items doesn't seem to last long. Just look at how fast Prada bags phased out every season! I would rather spend that fortune on a classical items such as Chanel 2.55, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Celine Boogie or Lady Dior and if i have all the money in the world, i wouldn't mind a Birkin as well (hehehe). But some said rather than investing in a bag, why not buy jewelleries instead?

Hmm..good question. But why can't we have both instead? OK OK i'm not answering the Q. Well, these are totally two different things we are talking here. No doubt jewelleries and watches are more precious but we do get price hikes for handbags too. Some 3 years ago a 2.55 Caviar leather costs only around rm7,300 but a check with Chanel last month...guess what, it's already rm9,500! And the same pre-loved 2.55 is selling for about the same price at Scoop! But the bag is still there after a few visits. Tough to re-sell bags but good to know that we've made a good move in buying them early! Hehehe.

So the conclusion is, tepuk dada tanya selera sendiri. To me, invest in classics so that your kids will still (want) be using it in 20 years to come and go on buy yourself some nice jewelleries too...because gold will always be GOLD ! Adios..

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